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About Us

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No matter how wild your audio expectations we’ll bring them to life, beautifully.

We are Audio Arts. The guys who force visitors to wear cans on their heads and read without breathing. Yes folks! We are the people responsible for most ads that interrupt your favourite TV show and force you to hum that beguiling jingle to work! As a post audio production company, it’s our job to immerse our audience in creative, ear-tickling, toe-drumming sound development.


Since the swinging 60s (and boy! We’re still swinging), we’ve been delivering award-winning audio services to anyone with a passion for visual media including leading film and television production companies and ad agencies. Our success. Who knows? But it seems our sound design workflow still charms any storyline and provides that sonic interruption audiences demand for TV, radio, web video and mobile devices.


Sound design without the hums, hisses clicks and pops.

We’re air guitar enthusiasts and love to hum Christmas carols in July while offering full-service, post production sound design. We deliver stereo and multichannel surround mixing and mastering for TV, radio, web video and mobile devices including vernacular casting, direction and script adaptation. Which in a nutshell means we’ll add whatever audio you need, be it a voice, sound effects (incl. yelps, squeals, shrieks and harmonica back beats at no extra charge), music, jingles…if it’s something you need your ears for… we’ll do it.


High quality, high impact audio production that always sounds right.

Our seamless workflow is only interrupted to enjoy a meat pie, mushy peas and a splash of brown vinegar; other than that we’ll work timeously on your project, regardless of size, scope, budget and width of your copywriter’s chest.

    • 4 expertly tuned sound studios for complete sound and picture mixing
    • Mixing and mastering all asset types and formats
    • Dynamic voice over integration services
    • Editing and asset management expertise
    • Vernacular casting, direction and script adaptation


If you’re not speaking their language, you’re not talking to them.

Come now. We’re the rainbow nation and our linguistic diversity means all 11 languages have a profound effect on each other. We know all the indigenous creoles and pidgins that happen during pothole avoidance, koeksister cook-offs and rolling blackouts. That’s why we can cast, translate, dub and adapt in all 11 vernacular languages, drawing from a pool of SA voice-talent to record in;

    • English
    • Afrikaans
    • isiNdebele
    • isiXhosa
    • isiZulu
    • Sesotho sa Leboa
    • Sesotho
    • Setswana
    • siSwati
    • Tshivenda
    • Xitsonga


From viral to web, from in-store to outdoor, Audio Arts Africa will deliver all your video requirements. We’ll script it, shoot it and edit it using a combination of footage, motion graphics, 3D and 2D animation with an audio mix with no snap, crackles or pops! No matter what you require, we’ll produce it on a multitude of different platforms and devices to ensure your brand or service is not seen anywhere, but everywhere.


Owner & Sound Engineer

Hans Baumgarten

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Managing Director

Gary Els

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Sound Engineer

Glenn Welman

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Vernacular Expert

Tholi Gumede

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Mavis Tshabalala

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